Datavägen, Askim, Sweden
Pubblicato il 17 settembre 2020 / 61
Prezzo : €5.000,00
Tipo Strumento : Stazioni Totali
Località : Agrigento
Tipo : Stazioni totali motorizzate
Marca : Altro
Caratteristiche : Display a colori, Display touch screen, Doppio display, Inclinometro/ Tilt&GO, Luce guida
Modello : SLT Series
SLT Series, a type of total stations of SatLab, is a durable color screen total stations surveying equipment. Equipped with a dual-axis compensator, this instrument can provide a precision result for the users. With a real-time operating system, the total station uses are more quickly and efficiently.


Why we choose the total station?

Nowadays, many surveyors choose the total station as the surveying equipment to finish the work because it’s versatile and accurate. You can measure and log the coordinates of specific points, and you will use the instrument to measure and record the distances from a specific point of reference.


Where the total station can be used?

The total station can be applied in many different fields, such as road works, construction surveys and layout, land surveying, and so on. Besides, it can be used to finish the work of angle measurement, distance measurement, coordinate measurement, etc.

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