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Pubblicato il 22 settembre 2020 / 282
Prezzo : €5.000,00
Tipo Strumento : Stazioni Totali
Località : Ancona
Tipo : Stazioni totali motorizzate
Marca : Altro
Caratteristiche : Display touch screen, Doppio display, Inclinometro/ Tilt&GO, Luce guida, Memoria interna, Micro SD, Motori, Piombo ottico
Modello : SLT Series

Equipped with a dual-axis compensator, the total station surveying equipment SLT Series can provide a precision result for the users. Designed with an easy to use onboard system, this instrument makes the total station uses easier and simpler, which save more time of the surveyors.


What is a total station?

A total station is an electronic/optical instrument utilized in modern surveying. it’s also employed by archaeologists to record excavations also as by police, crime scene investigators, private accident Reconstructionists, and insurance companies to require measurements of scenes. it’s a mixture of electronic theodolite and electromagnetic distance measuring (EDM) instrument. It also consists of a microprocessor with a memory unit which deals with recordings, readings, and therefore the fundamental calculation of measurements.


The components of total station

Total Station may be a compact instrument that weighs around 50 N to 55 N. It consists of tripods, prisms, prism poles, tribrachs, batteries and chargers, data and power cables. Each one of them has different functions that support the total station to finish the work.  

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